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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughts on Reminiscing about High School, Dreamworks, and My Celebrity Dream Family

Some of my friends only remember the terrible things about high school. The bad relationships, tough teachers, brutal classes and just the emotional turmoil they went through. And while that seems like the typical teen angst - and to some, might be - it occurred to me that I don't have very many - if any - bad memories about high school.

So reminiscing about friends, events and just fun, happy memories always make me smile. Especially when I'm still in contact with those people, and that's something we can all look back on. There were plenty of moments where I couldn't have been happier being among close friends and just having a blast.

But now, with all of us spread around the country, it's hard to get together. We just need a location somewhere that we can all meet and be able to catch up, reminisce and make new memories. Perhaps a spur of the moment vacation to Canada for the four of us, or we pitch in for a plane ticket for the one that lives the farthest away. No matter, it's something that I think we should do - and talked about in a string of comments on Facebook.


There aren't too many films by Dreamworks that I enjoy. Much of their earlier works were basic copies of Pixar. Whenever one of their films came out, I would easily bypass it and eagerly anticipate the newest Pixar movie.

But then, they came out with Kung Fu Panda, and How To Train Your Dragon. And both of those movies are things I'm very happy with. They're the few Dreamworks Animation movies I could easily rewatch as much as my Pixar favorites. Sure, there's Shrek (with too many sequels), and their other franchise... But none of done quite as well as the aforementioned films. Even only the first Shrek was the best. I otherwise skip the rest and stick to what I know and love.


This sprung from a Skype conversation with Sola about who we would want in our "Celebrity Dream Family." And mostly because if I had to pick a matriarch and grandmother for my family, it would be Julie Andrews. So, from there, we went into a rather long and happy discussion about who we would want to fill each role in our fantasy family.

Grandmother : Julie Andrews
Grandfather : Jeff Bridges
Uncle :  Jim Carey
Mother : Lauren Graham **
Father : Stanley Tucci OR Nathan Fillion **
Husband : James McAvoy or Andrew Garfield ***
Brother : Matt Damon
Sister : Emma Stone
Sister : Emily Blunt

**Just to note, I think I would want both Nathan Fillion and Stanley Tucci as gay dad's, and then have Lauren Graham be the fantastic biological mom that lives in the crazy family.

***ALSO, I have two here because I can't decide which one I would rather marry.

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