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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts on Midnight Ultimate Frisbee, Permission, and the Art of Falling

Who decided that throwing an upside-down plate was a good idea? Or that playing a sport with said plate that is similar to football, an even better idea?

I haven't a clue as to the answers to those questions. Running around in the middle of the night chasing a frisbee sounds like a bad idea. And yet it's so exhilarating. The last time I had this much fun, was junior high playing tennis.

I've always been the competitive type - though not crazy or a bad sport - but I, like everyone else, likes the feeling of winning. What better way to win, than by playing a sport like ultimate in the dark?

Of course, my friends and I aren't completely crazy. We don't run around blind - because some of us practically are - we are safe by wearing electric glow sticks and follow a frisbee that also has a battery and LEDs. It's such a blast to run around and be competitive at midnight. There's only us, the stars, astroturf, and the frisbee. And I couldn't ask for anything better than being able to be athletic with my friends.


I've always felt awkward when asking for permission. Granted, I've always lived by the rule "The answer is always no if you don't ask." It's a pretty simple rule.

As a writer, I think it's really tough to inquire about using someone else's creation in your own way. Like if someone creates their own country, or has certain characters; heck, even specific storylines. Either way, it all feels awkward. And no matter how I phrase it, I still don't feel comfortable asking.

At times I must seem like a really outgoing, extrovert, who talks alot. But in fact, I'm fairly quiet, reserved, and introverted. Maybe it's an only child thing, maybe it's just that I'm independent so I don't rely on the need to socialize or be entertained by others.

So when broaching the subject for a body of work, it's a tough call on how to bring up the topic, followed by what you're using it for and then of course the asking in general. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little clammy. Strange.


I'm not graceful. I may have played an instrument in school since fifth grade, and been to a school dance here or there - only in senior year actually - but I can't dance. Even with my sense of rhythm.... I suck. It's not that I'm worried about going out somewhere and dancing. Actually, what I really wish for is to not be clumsy. But that's because I'm not graceful, and I have a terrible sense of balance when it comes to running or being on my feet.

But over the years, I've learned how to fall to not injure myself or make sure I don't hurt anyone else. So of course, I know to protect my head and neck in the event that I'm suddenly on a collision course with the ground or whatever it is. However it's really hard to protect your softer parts. And by that, I mean your butt, or the squishier parts of the body that can certainly take a beating, but you'll still be in pain from falling on them. At least by the time you're a few years old, everyone has learned that falling hurts and isn't pleasant in the slightest.

Hopefully this time while playing Ultimate, I won't fall and give myself a concussion. I've made that mistake once. I felt terrible the entire week after it happened.

I'm hoping for no broken bones this year! I've gotta keep up my tradition!

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