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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thoughts on Affection, Justice, and Writer's Block

I always feel really weird about affection.

I'm not someone that acts a particular way to entice guys, or be a girl that knows what she's got and how to use it. Honestly, I'm just being myself.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on Social Outings, Pronunciation, and Castle

I've never been comfortable around people that enjoy drinking. There's a wide variety of ways people express their drunkenness. Most people I know laugh a lot, or get really loud. And honestly, I don't care if friends of mine drink while we're hanging out, or over dinner. It's common in most countries to drink with dinner. That doesn't bother me.

I suppose what bothers me is the extreme spectrum moods can be. Then how everyone else must deal with said person. Certainly, when I've been in such situations, I vacate asap. I mean, if you're uncomfortable, the automatic response is to take flight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thoughts on the College Life

It's a lot of little ideas under one heading, which means it totally counts as at least three.  Plus, I'm a little preoccupied - leaving the country tomorrow, and all.  But I wanted one last post before I left American soil, to really tie the blog together.

I played foosball before.  I won't be able to do that again until January, and that's killing me.  I'm sitting on my friend's dorm floor, surrounded by my luggage and distracted by my friends.  I'm still thinking about starting a travel blog, but I still feel like people might think I'm a jerk for doing so.  Or maybe someone will actually care. Or maybe I'll just post everything on Tumblr and try to remember to make more funny pictures to share.

I finally set up my Internet here on campus, but that's pointless, seeing as I'm going to the Netherlands.  And the castle got struck by lightening recently.  So Internet might not exist there, just as I feared.  No Skype, no Twitter, no Facebook.  And my phone won't work and I can't text a lot on my crappy European phone.  Pretty much, I'll be so out of touch, it's insane.

But I'll try to keep writing and remembering, trying to find things to write about and talk about and send letters home about.  And I'll just keep dreaming about foosball.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thoughts on Words Without Thought, Applications, Comparisions

It's official! Katie and I are working on a writing vlog with three wonderful writers! We call ourselves Words Without Thought. Please give us a view!

We have a lot of fantastic topics planned for the future. If nothing else, at least comment with tips on how we can improve or any topic suggestions!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts on That Morning

It was another morning where I had to get ready for school. I'd been in the 6th grade for about a week. Like most mornings, I got up and wandered into my mom's room. We listened to the radio together, which was part of our normal routine. She got up to let the dog out, while I continued to hear the news.

But it was a particular piece of breaking news that caught my attention. A plane crash in New York City? How did that happen? I got up and turned on the television, which was showing the North tower smoking from near the top.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thoughts on Flat Tires, Application Submissions, and Searching

This entire past week has been quite a hassle. On Tuesday night, I went over to my Aunt's house to get some large manila envelopes from her - and then have my cousin take said envelopes to school with him to pass on to the school's counselor. At some point, I must have run over a nail, because by the time I drove home, my tire was completely flat.

Not that I knew to check or noticed anything different - a shame on my part. But for the rest of this week I've had my mom dropping me off at work. Meanwhile she's been trying to deal with getting me a new tire.

First big issue was that the tire couldn't be fixed. I managed to get the nail into the shoulder of the tire, which is basically irreparable. (Lesson learned - if you see a nail on the road, avoid it or make sure it pops your tire in the middle.) So after having taken the tire off and putting on the spare, I now had to purchase a new tire with the exact make and size mine was. Since my tires were brand new when we purchased the car, we weren't worried about buying a pair. They're all in really great shape otherwise.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thoughts on College, Crushes, and Drinking

I've been saying for the past few years that I'd go to college. Or that I'd get back to school and start at least working towards a degree. But every year, nothing would happen. And I do regret not getting involved in the whole application process for college in high school. Then again, it makes sense why I didn't.

College was never a high priority to my mom. She, to this day, thinks that a person should be able to learn a trade via an apprenticeship like she did. I've tried time and again to explain that things don't work like they did for her.

So after three years of working and struggling with what I wanted to do, it's finally time to take the plunge. Yeah, I'm late on this, but I have the drive and the perseverance to get me through to the end.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts on Loss, Packing Up, and Something Adorable

Note: The first [and second] topics can be depressing. Feel free to skip to the second topic or straight to the bottom for adorable pandas.

I've had quite a few friends and coworkers discover they're pregnant this year. It's a strange concept for me to grasp, I suppose.

I don't imagine myself in either circumstance until I'm in my late 20s. This is that time in your life when you should discover who you are, do something spontaneous, and just live.

But just living isn't the same when you've heard news that literally takes your breath away.

Thoughts on Time, Homesickness, & 100 Posts!

I know, I know; time is relative.  But it feels like it's been quietly helping me along recently, giving me a few extra minutes where I need them and speeding along the process when I can't stand the boredom anymore.  Work (knock on wood) seems to fly nowadays, whereas I would have died of exhaustion, frustration, and sleep deprivation at the beginning of the summer.  Maybe it's because I'm down to the one, slightly less demanding job.  Maybe it's because I'm more confident now at the pool.  Maybe it's because I read a lot.  Whatever the reason, thanks for the boost, time.

Time can slow down, too, and I'm equally as thankful for that.  The minutes can take their sweet time passing into the wee hours and into a new day.  I don't mind the quiet of the night, the cool breeze.  I don't mind sitting down in the middle of the day to commit ideas to paper, realizing writing two and half pages took hardly any time at all.  I like looking my goals in the face and saying, "That looks easy."

Time.  It's a beautiful thing.