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Friday, September 9, 2011

Thoughts on Flat Tires, Application Submissions, and Searching

This entire past week has been quite a hassle. On Tuesday night, I went over to my Aunt's house to get some large manila envelopes from her - and then have my cousin take said envelopes to school with him to pass on to the school's counselor. At some point, I must have run over a nail, because by the time I drove home, my tire was completely flat.

Not that I knew to check or noticed anything different - a shame on my part. But for the rest of this week I've had my mom dropping me off at work. Meanwhile she's been trying to deal with getting me a new tire.

First big issue was that the tire couldn't be fixed. I managed to get the nail into the shoulder of the tire, which is basically irreparable. (Lesson learned - if you see a nail on the road, avoid it or make sure it pops your tire in the middle.) So after having taken the tire off and putting on the spare, I now had to purchase a new tire with the exact make and size mine was. Since my tires were brand new when we purchased the car, we weren't worried about buying a pair. They're all in really great shape otherwise.

My mom checked with a few different groups to see which would be the best price for getting a new tire. First the dealership where we bought the car, Les Schwab, and then Discount Tire Company. The dealer was expensive, so was Les Schwab. Not to mention they told us that the car had the wrong tires on it. Basically it was supposed to have 175s, but it has 185s on it. So that was a problem we will fix later. But for now, it's fine.

And then today, they took it to Discount to get a new tire on it. Go figure they sold the tire that we needed. So that totally sucks. But when mom and EH went to go get the same tire from Discount Tire in Bellevue, they returned with not a 14 but a 15. The workers there gave them the wrong size. They got thoroughly chewed out by the worker from the store we were at. They're bringing the tire by tomorrow morning, and all I have to do is drive over and get them to put on the one that is supposed to be on my car. For now it's fine with one tire from a different make - although it's not recommended for long periods of time - but for 24 hours, I should be alright.

At least now I know how to change a tire.


I promised I'd apply to college. And I have. My applications are submitted to Vassar and Emerson - the latter being the more important.

But after initially finishing the applications, it took me a few days to finally hit submit. I'm so nervous about rejection, that doing something like applying for college scares me. Yeah, it scares everybody, but I've already been rejected from a pretty major program before - the Japanese Government Full-Ride Scholarship - even though it seemed like I was the perfect applicant.

I know generally I act - at least around friends and family - like I'm super confident and I don't get nervous. But I do. Nothing scares me more than being rejected for something to further my learning. Writing rejection I get. Everyone has to improve and rework what they're submitting. With applications, I just feel like you can't keep trying in hope the result will be different every single time. I'm trying to be serious here and actually do something for myself.

So now that things are submitted... all that's left is the SAT (no, I didn't take that in high school like I should have) and waiting. I am so anxious, it's unbelievable.


Part of the above topic, is that if I want to apply for the Honors Program at Emerson, I need to submit an essay from my Junior or Senior year. Sure, I have plenty of those I can probably find. The difficult part comes in making sure that the essay actually is the proper length (4-8 pages) and has the grade on it. Unfortunately, my teachers believed in A) writing a grade on the physical assignment B) or they would have grade it on their computer and send it to us that way. So this doesn't make for an easy search.

But there's one specific project I know would be perfect for this requirement for the Honors App. It was in senior year during my Pre-College Writing Class. It's like a book report - except it's crazy long, and has four essays in it. The longest essay being a literary analysis of the book I chose to read.

Problem: I found the essay and all components still together for the actual project. What I can't find is the grading sheet.

So far I've found everything else about the project but the grading sheet. This is getting so frustrating. I'm more determined then ever to find this piece of graded paper.

After of course, I stop sneezing. Damn dust.

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