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Monday, September 19, 2011

Thoughts on Social Outings, Pronunciation, and Castle

I've never been comfortable around people that enjoy drinking. There's a wide variety of ways people express their drunkenness. Most people I know laugh a lot, or get really loud. And honestly, I don't care if friends of mine drink while we're hanging out, or over dinner. It's common in most countries to drink with dinner. That doesn't bother me.

I suppose what bothers me is the extreme spectrum moods can be. Then how everyone else must deal with said person. Certainly, when I've been in such situations, I vacate asap. I mean, if you're uncomfortable, the automatic response is to take flight.

So when it comes to social outings, I tend to not drink. Some say it's me being a stick in the mud, or just having a straight dislike for alcohol, but I think it's a combination of things.

I'm not a fan of alcohol. It smells sour and rotten. My rule with food has always been that if it smells bad, it's probably not something I would enjoy consuming. And I'm always right in following that choice. But I've also witnessed how alcohol can change a person. Not to mention how a few bad decisions can lead to consequences for everyone else.

So friends can go and enjoy their alcoholic beverage of choice, but I'll pass on the experience of getting drunk, buzzed, and then the aftermath of being hung over. None of that is attractive.


There are some words I could care less how they're pronounced. Every person will say a word differently whether it's how they heard it originally or that no one has corrected them. There really is no "correct" way to pronounce a lot of words.

It's like when I hear people pronounce tomato. Either it's to-mah-toe or to-may-toe. But either is correct. So why does it matter to correct someone? They know what they're talking about, and with something simple like that, others would understand too.

I can understand correcting someone who didn't grow up speaking English. I help a lot of people at work who didn't grow up with English as their first language. So when they explain stuff to me, they might not know the right word. But if they pronounce it in a different way, I don't mind. It's just how they can say it and understand it.


I'm addicted to the ABC drama, Castle. Being a writer, I can't help it. A part of me wishes that the experiences he goes through for his muse and research could actually happen. The fact that a writer is following a detective around as she goes to solve cases, and is put in compromising, dangerous situations is awesome.

I'm so invested in this show, that it's crazy how often I'm watching my favorite scenes on Youtube, or resisting the urge to read fanfiction - because honestly that site is tough to get into with all the ridiculous ads - and snooping around the interweb searching for scoops on the upcoming season.

I spend a lot of time plot predicting, thinking about how I would write to tie up threads, and perhaps start others. So this show takes up a great deal of my thoughts when it's on and when it's off air. There's a lot of shows that I think about, but Castle is by far the show I watch the most.

Plus it helps that I love Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

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