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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thoughts on Words Without Thought, Applications, Comparisions

It's official! Katie and I are working on a writing vlog with three wonderful writers! We call ourselves Words Without Thought. Please give us a view!

We have a lot of fantastic topics planned for the future. If nothing else, at least comment with tips on how we can improve or any topic suggestions!

I'll be updating every Monday!

Wow, there are a lot of exclamation points in this section. But that's okay, because I'm excited that this project has become a reality. It really does feel great to know that some idea of mine has spawned results, hahaha. Although, not in some alien way; in a "I feel successful" way. Which is certainly helping my mood of stress. If at least something small is a success, then I don't feel as though I've completely failed.

Please give us a watch and let us know what you think!


So finally, Emerson's application is in. They released the supplement today, and I immediately filled it out. Okay, well, I had it 95% filled out, and then had to help my mom figure out our printer had finally kicked the bucket... by the time I returned, the supplement reset itself, so I had to rewrite my answers -- BUT! I did get the supplement submitted.

Now all my application needs - besides the Honors Program Essays and stuff - are my SAT scores. Which is what I'm far more nervous for. Well, okay, I'm super nervous about submitting this application too. But still, SAT scores. OMG. I suck at tests. Like, even if this is just a standardized test, I just... never do well on the math section. I could rock on the reading/writing/comprehension. But everywhere else, I'll just do terrible (it's happened in the past). It doesn't help that I'm super nervous for that, and just the thought of getting rejected. Of not being successful or getting out of this rut. I don't want my mom's life. And getting accepted to school is the fastest way for me to turn things around and actually not work in a dead-end job. Yeah $11 an hour is nice, but work can be infrequent at times, so it's nerve wracking knowing that sometimes the company will just decide to lay you off, no matter how fantastic of a worker you are.

So here's to hoping this will turn things around.


A coworker and I were talking today, mostly about how I'm not into the whole "dating" scene or "scoring" with anyone. I just enjoy being myself and being a nice person to everyone. Sure, I have a major crush on a coworker, but I don't act on it. I don't even realise when I flirt - let alone when someone is flirting in return.

But he made the comparison that I'm like Olive in Easy A. Apparently I'm an interesting person to talk to that isn't trying to get into someone's pants, or caring about sex appeal. I'm just talking to people that have shared interests, or fascinating opinions. Plus it doesn't help I'm a hopeless romantic that hopes for chivalry, and a John Hughes script for my life.

And sure, not all of my stories come out as pleasant with endings of "Happily Ever After," but I think because I'm grounded in reality to know that life doesn't work the way a fantasy or a fairytale does. Things don't follow a linear path and stay consistent in a utopian plot. Life has many, many bumps, hills, mountains and valleys to cross, rivers to forge, and hard work to apply.

So maybe in some ways I am like Olive. Besides my large amount of sarcasm, I have few friends that are girls, a major crush, and I just view life with some optimism, and a glimmer of hope for hopeless romantics like myself.

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