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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thoughts on Injuries, Late Nights, and Paperwork

So far tonight we had two rolled ankles - which were luckily minor - some face hits, hand and arm scrapes, and turf burn.

I hurt, but am happy I made at least one epic, diving catch. 'twas a good night.


There's something about being up late that I thoroughly enjoy.

As the house creaks and settles, it's like heaving a sigh at the end of a day. Lights turn off, and all that remains is the silence. My mind wanders with stories, ideas, character dialogue and basically a host of thoughts that don't aid to sleep. But somehow, all of that lulls me into a restful sleep.


My boss is weird about doing paperwork. For example, getting the paperwork started and finished so that I can be paid the pay-grade for my job. I've been doing this job for two months - but four months prior to my two month contract vacation. So despite last time I didn't speak up, I decided since I'd be doing this job much longer, I might as well get paid for working hard, being given lots of responsibilities and having to be in a leadership position that the other assistants get paid more than I did for doing the same job.

Come to find out, my boss hasn't done the paper work. At all. So technically, there would be back pay. But I can understand that would be hard to track. At least now they're working on getting me the pay I should be getting because that's part of the position for having a lot of responsibility for the department.

We'll see what happens though....

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