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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts on Nature vs. Nurture, Originality, & Getting Out

Would you be the same person you are today if you didn't grow up with the people you did, in the home you did, attending the schools you did?  What if you didn't have a mom or a dad?  What if you were raised by relatives?  What if you lived in your car and struggled for food?  What if you were just lucky to be alive?

Does personality come from the wiring in your brain or the things you experience?  We learn almost everything from our parents and the people we see around us, but do you really learn things like compassion, humor, joy, sorrow?  Or do they come with the territory?  Does happiness spring up in a happy home with a white picket fence, or to combat extreme terror and anguish?

Will we ever know?  Not unless we learn to be reborn and live our lives all over again.


Nothing coming out of Hollywood is original anymore.  I don't have much of a bias against book adaptations or biopics, because maybe (just maybe) you can learn something from them.  And if it inspires the audience to pick up a book, then go for it, by all means.

But I have a problem with "reimaginings," with remakes of movies made within the last ten years, with movies based on books that have a huge budget and big names and lose all the meaning, with comedies that don't have any substance or thought.  Where are the brilliant, finely-crafted masterpieces of the golden era?  Is that time really lost?  Or are we all just too lazy to attempt to revive any real creativity or talent?

I swear to God, Hollywood, you go anywhere near Gone with the Wind, and you won't live to see it greenlit.


Don't make me make the plans.  Call me up with an idea - and, please, not sitting in someone's basement.  Again.

If you want to hang out, the key word in there is out.  I want to get out with all of you, the people I love, and do something fun and ridiculous and stupid and crazy.  There's so much world out there and too much of it we haven't seen yet.

There's only so many times I can sit and watch a movie or play a board game.  Quiet nights are nice.  But you need to see what's to see and do all you can do.  That makes the quiet all the more rewarding.

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