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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts on Daft Punk, Old Teachers, and Sushi

There's something magical about Daft Punk. The French duo really knows how to create some fantastic beats and catch techno tunes.

Their finest work is most certainly the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Yeah, I'm a big fan of lots of major composers - a thought for another day - but there was something superb about the mix Daft Punk did for the movie. Every song was just... wow. I have songs I definitely prefer more over others on the track list, but if I have to pick my top five soundtracks overall to listen to forever, Tron Legacy is definitely there.

All of the music just fit so well with the movie. And some movies, the background music feels out of place, or is boring. But as I listen to it, I can picture every scene and all the characters.

I can see Sam fighting Rinzler in the Games; the battle in End of Line, and Quorra taking herself out of the equation. Not to mention Quorra and Sam riding on his Ducati, with her snuggling into his shoulder. SQUEEEE~!!


I got together with a friend I've known since first grade tonight. We had a few classes together in high school, but certainly nothing as awesome as elementary school. I was one of her first friends at our school, way back when she didn't know English very well. We've just always clicked.

It was great to talking with her. But tonight, she mentioned that our first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Oishi, was retiring. Yeah, fifteen years ago is crazy to remember a teacher and still be in contact with a grade school teacher. Yet there was something about Mrs. Oishi that is so great. It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but she was just someone that made such an impact on my childhood.

She's who I would credit in having gotten me started in reading The Boxcar Children series. During story time in first grade, she would read our class a chapter every other day of the first book. And from there, I was completely hooked on the series. Mrs. Oishi encouraged my voracious appetite for books. But she also helped me in the areas I was struggling in - like telling time. Out of all of my teachers in grade school, she was the most influential.

I'm happy to hear she's had such a wonderful career, and can't wait to get together with her over dinner and catch up. But man is it crazy to think that first grade was fifteen years ago.


I know a lot of people that love sushi. I'm actually not sure why people absolutely love it. Personally, I'm not a fan. If you know me, you'd know that it's ironic for me to say that.

I'm part Japanese and part Hawaiian; not to mention, I live in the Pacific Northwest where salmon and fish in general, reign supreme; along with Asian cultures and Ivars.

So sushi, I really dislike. Even stranger... I can make it just fine, I just don't like the seafood part, or the taste of the nori. If I ever go to a sushi or Japanese restaurant, generally I can find something unrelated to fish that I can consume and still have a good time. But seriously, why am I so strange that I'm two very seafood centered heritages, and I dislike fish. Like being a viking that can't kill a dragon.

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