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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts on Green Caps, Dinosaurs, and Cartoons

My car, Trixie, has little green caps on her tires on the spout where you'd fill them up with air. Confused and thinking that perhaps these were magical caps that change color when the tire is losing pressure - apparently those exist - we decided to ask. Trix was in for a check-up anyway, so we asked the dealership guy what the purpose of the green cap was. Turns out we were completely wrong.

The green caps mean that my tires are filled with nitrogen. NITROGEN. Say wah?

Apparently, filling your tires with nitrogen make them run cooler, so they don't over heat. Also, that's what they fill racing tires with. Confused much? Yeah me too. Especially when you know that my car is a little, first generation Toyota Prius. That is not a racing car. Maybe it helps with efficiency? I have no idea.

But green caps are not magical and change color. And no, the gas won't change the pitch of your voice if you inhale it. So much for my imagination....


It's every kids dream to eat the head of a dinosaur.

Well, okay, that's probably not true. But for those like me who like the idea of having a prehistoric pet, or perusing the Jurassic age, then maybe this was a shared dream when it came to birthday cakes.

So this year, I want to make a dinosaur cake. And no, this won't be out of a mold. I'm going to use my crazy  baking skills - which unfortunately aren't that awesome - and see about designing the cake. In comparison to baking, I'm much better at designing and shaping a cake. That's probably due to watching too many episodes of "Cake Boss."

But besides dinosaur cakes, I also have a few t-shirts that have dinosaurs on them. Perhaps it's my new fascination, however late in life it may have been. However you can't deny how cool it would be to have a dinosaur as a pet.


 In the 80s and 90s, there were a significant amount of cartoons on the kid's television stations. But when I flip through the channels, all I see are a plethora of live action shows. Granted, there's nothing wrong with them - the shallow writing is a topic for the future - but they're pretty formulaic. I've never watched a recent live-action show that I've liked because they're just more slapstick comedy and less situational or unique ideas that are far more high comedy.

I miss cartoons that were great. They really had more strengths than weaknesses and you could always find something to relate to in an episode. Now all I can think about when I look at the present list of cartoons, is "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake."

Out of pretty much everyone I know, I have a significant amount of hate for that show. Compared to what I - and many of you readers - enjoyed as kids, this show is pure crap. I'm used to things with depth and substance. I want a show where I'll want to write fanfiction for, or dream up futures for the characters and various plot lines - and perhaps turn into roleplays or short stories. I'm not up for watching a show that just gives me characters with noodly arms and friends with the "King of Pustules."

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