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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts on Keyboards, Awkward First Meeting, and College

My mom can always tell what keys I use the most on my keyboard. We've had to resort to writing on them - at least on the desktop - in Sharpie so that when she uses the computer, she knows which ones are which.

Meanwhile, on my laptop, I've nearly rubbed off two separate keys and have warn grooves into plenty of others. Out of all the keys, my "N" and my "M" are both nearly rubbed off... And have significant grooves.

Sign of a writer, or living on my laptop when I'm not writing?


When you first meet someone, it's awkward. There's the unease in not knowing what to talk about. Everyone has their differences and how to converse. Yet somehow, you can find something to talk about.

I've had my share of experiences in having awkward conversations and not being sure what's appropriate to talk about. Most especially when I've met someone for the first time. And that happened again tonight.

We had an awkward meeting in the parking lot. Dinner was better because I could distract myself with food and just smile and nod until I had something to add to the conversation. But as the evening wore on, it was easier and easier to get past the awkward and talk. It didn't take long before we were speaking on plenty of topics and learning about each other. Hopefully we'll continue getting to know each other and catch up.


I've probably talked about this subject before - I can't remember - but I've decided that this will be the year I actually take the initiative. This fall, I am going to be taking some writing classes.

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