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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thoughts on Theno's Dairy, Hits to the Face, and Allergy Medicine

My hometown has a lot of great things going for it. It's a major technology mecca, home to two major companies - Nintendo and Microsoft - has a pretty healthy economy, and is the perfect distance from everything.

For those that like wine, there's a town not far from here that has plenty of wineries and breweries to sample the Northwest flavors. Plenty of pups, bars, taverns, etc. for the drinking types. Several playing fields, parks, and venues of the outdoorsy type. There's an outdoor mall, two bookstores, lots of eateries, your typical fast food, and several grocery stores. And, it's not that far off from being able to "get away" into the farms and get some space. But I think what really makes this place feel special... Is Theno's Dairy.

It used to actually sell milk that they bottled on site, along with cream and butter. My mom actually still has several bottles and a carrier in our garage. But now, they sell handmade ice cream and fudge. There's nothing better than snagging a cone after a long, hot day at work.

Besides coffee, vanilla, and rainbow sherbert, they've got plenty of flavors to offer that you can only find at their dairy. July 1st will be the first day that their summer special, Cantaloupe ice cream arrives. Right now they have strawberry rhubarb. During the holidays, they have pumpkin pie and peppermint. They've done a fantastic job at withstanding a tough economy everywhere and serving people a delicious treat that isn't fast food or soft serve.

Best part of my home town.

Every time I think about it, I wish I had caught that frisbee. Getting hit in the face and missing it makes me feel bad. The glory of an epic catch was lost - even though my face certainly hurts now.

Oh the sacrifices.


Somehow, even if it says non-drowsy, my allergy medicine makes me sleepy. I wish I knew why, but strangely, I always get super tired after taking it. And honestly, I'm just taking something as simple as Flonase. There's nothing odd in there, it just relieves sinus pressure for when I get related headaches.

It smells like dandelions, and certainly brings me relief. But now, I'm tired from taking it hours ago before leaving for Ultimate Frisbee Friday at the park.

And I'm rambling. Definitely time for bed.

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