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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thoughts on Exchange Students, Cravings, and My Loathing for Twilight

In about two weeks, we're getting two exchange students from China. They're 10 and 11 - with the younger turning 11 the day after she leaves. Yeah, that's right. 10 and 11. From China, and they'll be here in the states, away from family.

It's really cool that they get to participate in the program and travel the world during their summer. But it's probably also scary since they're so young.

Either way, I'm excited to meet them both. We'll have Wendy and Rose - the English names they chose - for about two weeks. We've had an exchange student before. She was cool and it helped that we were/are close in age. So certainly, I'll have more interesting things to talk about, having them here.

I hate it when I'm just craving a large amount of red meat, or something completely unhealthy. But man, food cravings are crazy.

I go through random bouts of it too.

But today was red meat. My mom was pretty determined to deny me the McDonalds hamburger I wanted - if you're going red meat, might as well go completely unhealthy right? - and decided to appease my lack of iron by feeding me refried beans and nachos.

Although, it's not always meat I crave. Sometimes its pickles, or something salty. Or, coffee.

And no, I'm not pregnant, nor am I seeing anyone that could make me such.


A lot of my friends and coworkers know I have an absolute distaste for Twilight and all things even remotely around that topic.

This all started basically on Gaia. Several years ago - pre-Twihard fad for the world - I had picked up the book for a report in my English class. I read it because the cover of the book was interesting. Once I read it,  then discussed it with some peeps on Gaia. And we just continued to berate the series and how crazy it was that all these people were falling for such drivel.

But it made me realise I was never a teenage girl. I was never the angsty type, or the boy-obsessed type. In fact, I was a low-key kid that read a lot and slept through my English class because I had 100% in the class.

Hearing the reasons why people loved the book series was a large amount of entertainment. Debating with them was even better. I haven't had fun debating about a book in a long time, so Twilight was a good reason for that. And it's certainly led to some great friendships - online and in real life - that made me at least somewhat have hope in humanity... or at least the small parts of humanity with brains intact.

I could probably list tons of reasons about why I hate Twilight, but I'd rather spare a lot of people the potentially amusing rambling and the long post that would definitely take. It would literally take up several nights of Big Myth posts, that I'd rather not. So instead, I've decided it's best to leave it at the simple fact that I hate Twilight.

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