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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thoughts on Guarding Lives, Dormy McDermott, & Running Out of Posting Material

These are my sunglasses.  That is a pool.  And that is me, reflected in said sunglasses.  They're the awesome aviators (I know you're jelly) I bought from Newbury Comics up in Boston before the end of the spring semester and I love them.  Even though they're a little scratched from riding around in my bag with my keys all the time.

Also note that I have the Sprint Instinct, which is literally so obsolete, they don't make the driver software available anymore.  It's a miracle my phone even connects to my computer.

Also note the empty pool and deck.  I mostly sit and read, alone, at this job, unless friends decide to visit.  I've tried a bit of writing, too, but ever since my friend said she used to write letters here to her boyfriend at boot camp and our boss would read them, I've been a little paranoid.  I'm still going to give it a try, though.  How awesome a story to tell, about how I finished that collection of poems or short stories, or that novel, that summer I worked at the Harbour Club?


I miss you, Dormy.  You were a nice place to live in Boston :'(


I can't already be losing steam.  Can I?

I usually come up with something to share, when I actually sit down and write.  But I'm always so busy all day and then exhausted at night.  Sometimes I wish I could just skip the computer and go to bed at a normal hour and sleep forever.  I've been working a lot and trying to spend time with friends; life's crazy.  Good crazy, getting tan and enjoying myself crazy, but still...really crazy.  I'm really tired.  And I don't like struggling for topics.

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