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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts on Good Morning, Gravity, and Pain killers

I walk to the warehouse from where my car is parked; roughly only 5 minutes, but it feels longer. Generally there are other cars passing by, heading to their assigned spots and joining the other carpoolers, along with filling up the nearby business park.

We share our warehouse with another company. Sure, we take up about 90% of it, but they receive their own deliveries in bay doors on the opposite side of the building. They supply car parts for various garages and dealerships, their drivers coming in every morning to pick up the order for their assigned routes and then leaving once they snag some coffee and chat it up with fellow drivers.

There's this one guy that wishes me "Good morning," every day. His cheeks are adorned with muttonchops, and he always has a baseball cap and a red plaid jacket. Not only does he do this without fail, but he could be in the middle of a conversation, and he'll stop and greet me. I smile, wave and respond with a "Good morning."

A part of me is curious about his friendliness, and if there's any rhyme or reason to why he greets me, but at the same time.... I don't want to know. I like the mystery in it all and the thought that we're just friendly strangers, who routinely see each other.

Generally, gravity and I are pretty good friends. We only have get-togethers on Frisbee Fridays when I'm diving for something. And on occasion when I trip.

But when you really anger gravity, it doesn't just shove you. No, instead, gravity slams you down and makes you feel worse than just a simple fall, or a trip.

However falling down half a flight of stairs is unpleasant. And in many ways uncalled for.

Gravity, you jerk.


 I try not to take pain killers too often. At least then, the mild stuff will work the way it should and I don't need to take several pills just to make me feel like myself. I wish they would take effect faster. It's a pain to have to suffer for twenty minutes to an hour just for my body to absorb the chemical. If only it could be within five minutes....

***My apologies for not writing a post last night! I was super tired and ended up shutting off my laptop, and then suddenly remembering I hadn't written anything! I promise though, I won't forget anymore!

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