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Friday, June 10, 2011

Thoughts on Books, Drama, & Long Distance Friendships

I have too many book.  Not that I think you can ever have too many books.  I just have too many for the space I currently occupy, so my room is getting a little cluttered.  And it always seems, no matter how many books I finish and find room for or must tie up and relegate to the garage, I always end up buying more to fill the shrinking empty spaces.  I still like the whole atmosphere of the library, but there's just something about owning a book, being able to write in it and call it your own.  Even if it's terrible.

But it's okay.  I plan on having a library of my own, in my future home, a place to keep all my books and have a desk with my knick-knacks and computer, where I'll read and write and go on Facebook.  Even if it's just a closet - as long as I have shelf space.  I'll be content.


You think you'll escape it with high school, but no.  And that one little word can strike fear into the heart of any young adult in my generation.  It doesn't mean that club where all the theater freaks hang out.  It means some shit is gonna go down, and some bitch is gonna get it.

I was hoping everyone would hit their stride, maturity-wise, once we were all legal adults and far and away, into our college careers.  And though the drama was at a relative minimum when I was at school, I sometimes feel like I dove right back into it the minute I crossed the town limits back here.  Old wounds are ripped open, old fights rehashed, new rage arises from changed personas and broken promises.

Can't we all just get along?  And grow up?


I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, it hurts :'(


*** Random note!  I'm going on a short road trip with friends, from this coming Monday to Friday, and I've decided against lugging my 17-inch Dell along for the journey; with my luck, I'll lose it.  I'm also going to be very busy this weekend, between work, meetings, and last-minute planning and packing.  So I'm going to be trying my damnedest to post tomorrow and Sunday, but I may be missing, and I'll be unavailable from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th.  Forgive my absence.

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