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Monday, June 27, 2011

Thoughts on Lack of Posts, Farmer's Market Food, and Hospitals

I know I've been slacking. And some of that is due to the lack of things I've taken notice of. And probably laziness. But I haven't really had anything significant happen lately that I've wanted to write about.

I do have a few topics noted for future nights - and hopefully a guest post or two - but I'm trying to make sure I don't ramble about the same topic multiple nights in a row.


I finally managed to drag my mom with me to the Farmer's market on Saturday. She wanted to check the price of Walla Walla Sweet onions, and I was wanting breakfast.

And literally, the entire time down there, we ate. First we split the wood fired veggie pizza I had a few weeks ago. Then we split a really spicy sausage hero. Due to the spiciness, I got a Hawaiian shaved ice and cooled my mouth down that way.

Best food find? Mini apple pie. It was delicious, and super healthy. The shortening was made of soy.

Next time we're planning on trying the crepes and maybe some of the other food vendors.

I'm excited.


I'm not a fan of hospitals, but I'm sure no one is. Sure, that's where lots of babies are born, people are cured and there are good things that happen. But visiting people in the hospital is not something I do.

Tonight for example, my mom told me that my grandpa took my grandma to the hospital to figure out why she was feeling weakness in her hands. It wasn't exactly the news I was expecting to hear after a tough day at work. She said we should eat dinner and then go visit her. My automatic response was to say no.

It's not that I don't care about my grandma; actually, she's a pretty cool person and has lived a cool life. But I'm not comfortable to visit family in the hospital. To me, it's tough to see someone you care for in their weakest moments, making you realise just how fragile life is. Also because the optimistic side of my mind has me telling myself that everything is fine and that they'll be out soon.

I think a lot of this stems from the last time we were in Hawaii, and took a chance to visit my great-grandma, who we all call "Granny." She'd been in poor health, it progressively getting worse that other members of the family couldn't take care of her. We went to visit her where she was at a convalescent home. It was basically our last chance to say good-bye, since we didn't know when we'd be back again. And... it was really awkward for me to see her. Granny didn't remember anybody, dementia doing that to a person. There were certainly some people she remembered, and some things she did too. But it really hurt to see her like that; unable to recall who we were - she thought my cousin C and I were his dad and my mom.

It was our last chance to say good-bye. And I did; mentally at least. When she did finally pass away a year or so later, I wasn't so torn up, because I said good-bye to her already. She was no longer the woman I remembered as a child.

So maybe I am cruel for not wanting to visit people when they're in the hospital, but it's how I have to handle situations like that. Otherwise I'd probably be a more emotional wreck.

The old lady on the left is literally a spitting image of Granny.

But to fill everyone in, turns out the doctors can't find anything wrong with my grandma. So they're basically back to square one as to what is wrong. Now they can at least test her for other things and not just possibilities.

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