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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thoughts on Idea Paint, Environment Changes, and Video Blogging

Someone on Twitter posted a link to Idea Paint yesterday. After watching the site, I'm completely blown away at this product.

It's such a creative idea that I can't get out of my mind. Being able to write and erase on your regular walls after just one coat of this paint. That's practically every kid's dream, drawing on their walls, doors, anything. Plus, it has so many practical uses! Jotting down grocery lists, making charts, graphs for work, and of course my personal favorite PLOTTING.

Actually, plotting was the very first thing I thought of when I saw the opening video. Literally, all of my colored sticky notes would become obsolete and I could forever jot things down on the wall. Once a story was completed, I could erase it all and be on my way. Well... actually, I'd probably take some HD pictures so that way I could refer back to everything just in case I needed to make changes.

I'm literally spazzing out over here trying to come up with a Pro/Con list to convince my mom to let me do this. Now granted.... when she gets married, the house becomes mine, so technically I could do with it what I want - which there are some changes I do want to make - and painting that wall with Idea Paint is at the top of my list.


All I need some days, is a simple environment change. That's all it takes for me to be in a writing mood.

For the past few months, I've been chilling upstairs on the couch in our living room. But after writing several short stories while lounging up there between my 360 and cable, I hit a wall. Nothing would really motivate me to write or do anything even remotely productive. I'd become comfortable. And I've noticed that once I relax, my muse decides to flee and chill in the land of mythology jail until it decides I can post bail and actually feel productive.

I think that's why I need a writing group. A community, whether it be friends, or acquaintances, that we could get together at a coffee shop after work and just hang out and write. Not only could we get out of our regular environments - which can provide fantastic inspiration to strike - but we could chat here and there about how we're doing, or what we're working on. Perhaps even brainstorm in the small group.

But right now, my favorite change, is going back down to my room. Not only is it cooler during the summer, but it's where I've written the majority of my Wrimos. It's where I can feel productive and get distracted because there aren't too many things for me to get sidetracked on. Well... besides the internet of course, but honestly, who doesn't get absorbed into the shininess of the interwebs?


 I've been itching to get into video blogging. But I haven't fully decided what to talk about. It's not like you can just address random topics and hope people will listen. I'm not the best at talking about politics, so that's out.
If I want to talk about anything, I should vlog about what I know. And why not blog about writing and my process, and experiences?

I'm still mulling over the idea... Perhaps something will come of it soon.

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