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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thoughts on Wearing Glasses, Disappointment, and Pen Pals

Glasses are super handy. Especially for those like me who have a hard time seeing. But this started way back in junior high when I didn't have to wear them full time. Sophomore year, and I was confined to glasses.

Sure there are snazzy contacts, but I have a fear of touching my eyeball - which I think is pretty healthy - so I have no intention of getting contacts. I'm alright with my glasses.

But the tough part about glasses is playing sports. If they get knocked off, hopefully they don't get stepped on, and if they do hit the ground, or get ripped off your face, let's hope they're not too bent.

Which is like tonight at frisbee... They're bent and make it difficult to drive.


Well... that promotion I had been promised at work was given to someone else.

So my long weekend has been ruined besides how fantastic frisbee was.


I love receiving letters. And sending them. There's something so joyous about opening the mailbox and seeing a letter addressed to you.

Mail is awesome.

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