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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thoughts on Karma, Return of the Jedi, and Concussions

While hanging out with Lolo, we were chilling outside Tully's grabbing a drink after having spent an hour or two playing tennis. And we noticed a guy wandering around searching for something.

He stopped by us and inquired if we had any idea where he could get gas vouchers. After talking and hearing that he lost his wallet, was here with his girlfriend, and was basically out of gas, we tried to figure out where he could get gas vouchers. It's a concept neither of us had ever heard of. He had a long drive back to Arlington - which is way up north.

But after neither of us knowing where he could go, I gave him $20 and said don't worry about paying me back. He had a long drive and just needed something going right today, along with some good luck.

Lolo doesn't really carry cash like I do, which is understandable. A lot of people don't carry cash on them like I do. So after he wandered off, he found his girlfriend further down the parking lot and they headed back to his car, passing us and saying thanks once again.

I have a habit of having blind faith in people. Perhaps it's that although I think humanity is disappointing at times, there are people that still have "good" in them. However his story sounded rather genuine. Not to mention I was more nervous he would start crying if we were unable to provide him with help. But certainly people need to know there are others in the world that are good and willing to help those in need, even if it's a complete stranger giving you $20 for gas and not asking for anything back.


There's something about Star Wars: Return of the Jedi that I just can't get enough of. Perhaps it's because Ewoks are adorable and I want to smoosh them. Plus, I have a teddy bear that looks like an Ewok.

But you can't go wrong with characters as adorable and primitive as Ewoks. And it's a pretty cool forest planet.

Sure I love the expanse white that is Hoth, and their Wampa. Not to mention the cutting open of the Tauntaun. It's ridiculous, epic and fantastic, all in one.

So whenever Spike is playing Star Wars, I always stick around for Return of the Jedi.


I'm actually not sure how many concussions I've had. Mild or major. For sure, I can say at least two. Once when I was six, and knocked myself out on the slide at school, and at least the second one being while playing Frisbee last year. 

But head injuries seems to be a common thing with me and sports. Baseball camp was bad because I got beaned in the head by a coach. Basketball I was constantly getting hit in the face, or just out right hit with the ball - but mostly in the nose. Tennis has luckily been the only sport I haven't had terrible luck in. Let's hope it stays that way.

Playing Frisbee, I've gotten smacked in the face multiple times via the frisbee flying at my head. People forget I'm the shortest one there, so they tend to throw things high, and often times at their chest level is at my face level. My glasses have certainly taken a beating - which is going to result in a new pair. But then again, our old field was a baseball field with loose dirt that everyone would slip on if they tried to stop suddenly. I'm glad we've since moved on to turf fields for our own safety. Too many people - myself included - got concussions from the old field, even if it was a great place to play.

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