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Monday, July 4, 2011

Thoughts on Fireworks, The Fourth, and Popsicles

I've always been a fan of fireworks. But I think that's mostly because I love the smell of sulfur. Yeah, it's not the best smell for you, but it always reminds me of Independence Day or New Years.

Not to mention, I used to help at a fireworks stand. It was a good way for our Youth Group to earn money. And it gave you some experience in customer service long before you could get a job. We got to test the fireworks that were brand new, that way we could explain what they looked like to customers - besides the basic description written on the side of the package.

And I've known quite a few people who would make their own fireworks. They live further into the country than I do, but it was a cool - although dangerous - hobby to take up and create whatever you wanted to show off to neighbors and family.


The Fourth of July used to be much bigger when I was younger. We would have barbeques with family and friends, plus launch off our own fireworks. It was a fun, large party that you could never go wrong with having fun.

But now that I'm older, I'm basically left on my own to decide my weekend entertainment. Fireworks with friends, watching on television, or chilling at the "beach" and taking in a bit of sun. Or perhaps there's the bar and chilling that way.

It's nice that this holiday has become more casual with our family, and less about us being together, and more about just hanging out with whoever you want to be with.


I've realised, you don't have to let go of childhood. You can enjoy a simple pleasantry by having a Popsicle during the summer. And what better day to have one, than Independence Day?

Not to mention... RocketPops or Firecrackers as they're better known... were on-sale today. 99 cents for a box of 12. BEST DEAL EVER.

Let's just say I purchased several boxes for the occasion.

Childhood will reign supreme this summer with Popsicles.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Stay safe, blow stuff up, and eat fantastic food.

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