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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thoughts on Movie Marathons, Eavesdropping, and Abandon Amusement Parks

It's so easy to get sucked into a marathon. Whether it's Star Wars, Indiana Jones (minus the fourth movie), Mythbusters, or any number of television shows I enjoy watching, sometimes it's hard to change the channel. More often than not, I find myself at least one day a weekend chilling on the couch watching movies or a TV show for hours on end. Sometimes it's Star Wars (only the original Trilogy and Phantom Menace for me), Back to the Future, or some witty show on USA Channel. But its so easy to get enthralled with all the characters.

But by far the best marathon I've done in a while is Harry Potter with my friend from school, Lolo.

There's just something about hanging out for several hours watching the series that we love and continue to love. It's bittersweet to know we'll be seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 together, as this will be the first movie since Order of the Phoenix that we'll catch the midnight premier to. It's a tradition started since PoA in which we'd see it at midnight and then go to school and chat about it the next day. But it wasn't just the movies we would watch together. We'd also get the books at the midnight releases at Borders, chatting with other fans, flirting with some guys, and overall having fun and staying out of the house, and trouble.

It was a blast, and was an experience neither of us want to forget, as it was and still is a major part of our lives. We've grown up with these characters, these actors, and it's something we'll probably never forget. All the debates about the hook-ups, the OTPs, the clues on JK's website.


I try not to eavesdrop on conversations too often. In fact, I like to just let people have their privacy that I don't like to invade.

But sometimes, there are those people that just talk too loud. They're the ones that share their business and you're just an innocent bystander.

Maybe you're purchasing your latte, or frozen whatever, and the table not far from the counter is in a heated conversation. It's not as if they're talking in hushed tones, but you can't help hearing what they're discussing. And maybe it's not even a discussion, as a passing on of information about a family member or pet. There are somber tones and obvious disbelief in their voices, as if this should be a conversation shared around the living room coffee table instead of a cafe with delicious baked goods. You've come into the middle of the conversation, so really, context clues are all you've got on what they're talking about. Perhaps it is about a pet, or a loving grandparent, maybe even a child.

Back in your car, you mull over the information, formulating your own conclusions in your head. Maybe even a story inspired by the moment.


I was skimming Twitter, which is basically my go-to activity when I've done everything I can on the Internet. And often times I stumble upon a link provided by someone I follow.

Today's shared link was from Grant Imahara, of Mythbuster fame. He shared this link of an abandon Six Flags just outside New Orleans. It was destroyed by the rush of water from Hurricane Katrina.

They're eerie photos. A glimpse at what's to come when humans no longer inhabit the Earth.

Everything will be left to decay.

It's one of those places I'd like to go photograph. But a lot of abandon places can provide photographs of stark reminders at how quick things can change.

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