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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts on Childhood Foods For Guests, Entertainment, and New Glasses

It's been interesting finding foods that our two exchange students like. Sometimes they'll like one food, and then a day later, not prefer it. Lunches have been interesting, and so have breakfast. But dinner they've been pretty okay with. We've been doing a mix of various foods with rice, classic "American" foods.

But one thing I know, is how to make foods that kids will eat. Call it having a love for the "classics" or just figuring that like all kids, they love something that's tasty, even if it's healthy.

So tonight we had Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese. My mom had said she thought they wouldn't like the Grilled Cheese since they didn't like cheese for their tacos or some other things with cheese in them. But we made an extra grilled cheese just in case and cut all the sandwiches into triangles. After trying one sandwich each, they ended up eating a good portion of them.

Julia Child was right. Butter makes everything taste fantastic. But melted cheese and butter? Now we're talking real amazing food.


It's been tough for me to find things they want to do. Cause often times they just chill on their phones. But so far, the main staples of entertainment have been Nickelodeon, and more specifically Spongebob. Rose can basically sing the theme song now. It's what we watch during dinner.

The instant dinner is done though, we either play dominoes, or on my Wii. They've found several games to be quite fun, like Kirby's Epic Yarn and Super Mario Sports Mix. I'm glad they're having a lot of fun!


I've been wearing the same frames since my sophomore year in high school. That was when I started wearing glasses permanently to see distances. And since then, I hadn't noticed any change in my vision.

What I did notice, was that my glasses were easily getting bent. Yes, they were cheap - thank you Sears - so when I took a hit to the face in frisbee, I realized I needed to check my prescription and then get new frames. My old ones were nice, but I kept getting mistaken for a 12-year-old boy. And that's certainly not every girl's dream. Hahahaha.

So I got to spend some time at the eye doctor getting my eyes dilated and then wandering around half-blind picking out frames. There were so many great frames, including ones for me to goof around with - like the circular glasses of The Boy Who Lived. But somehow, in my half-blind state, we (myself and the guy that owns the store but isn't the doctor) found a bunch of frames that looked great for my face, and that I liked. That was roughly nine or ten frames. One frame was similar to my old glasses, round, half-frames, but in a red and black color scheme. All the rest were square/rectangular. These I liked a lot more.

New frames - especially a different style - can really be a new step in life/appearance. So it was great to find a new style that I was comfortable in. And, low and behold, I found two pairs that I loved. One was part of the $59 sale, and the other was more expensive. Unable to decide, I got both. I'm currently wearing the more expensive pair, as they're the ones I could pay off right away. These ones are made by JK London, the same creator of Jai Kudo. They're black and red, and are called "Piccadilly Circus." The second pair I pick up tomorrow. They are dark blue, light blue/teal and silver - if I remember correctly.

I'm super excited for tomorrow!

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