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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts on Birthdays, E-Readers, and Age

So this is actually super random, and I don't think my cousin reads my blog, but he's turning 15 today. If you live in Western Washington, watch out. There's going to be a new driver on the road.

Happy Birthday C!! May you have a fantastic fifteenth! And let's have a blast watching Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!

I love books. And I know I would never give up my books, cause honestly, it kills me to even think about selling my books. But sometime this summer I'm working on sorting out my library to find the things I want to keep versus what I could easily sell.

There are probably a lot of books in the "easy to sell" box. I've somewhat already sorted the tomes I'd keep in my head. Various series like Franklin the Turtle, The Boxcar Children, and many childhood books that I love will remain on my shelves. Then the ones I can certainly get rid of are from childhood book clubs at the now defunct Zany Brainy, and other things I had received as gifts and the like.

But when I look at all the other books on my floor and cluttering any flat space of my room - including the floor - I realise that an e-reader would be handy. I'm not necessarily saying I would get one asap. In fact, I could probably wait until next summer, and see what other options I have. Tablets are currently becoming a major thing, and if Alyssa and I plan to backpack through Europe, it might be nice to have a Kindle or Nook to carry along and always have a book/books with me. We'll see what I decide on, but it's certainly been something I've looked into.


A lot of people are generally surprised that I'm 21. Yeah, the short, "ageless" me is legal to drink and basically do anything but run for President.

I guess it doesn't help that to a lot of people I look like I'm 12. So certainly getting a drink isn't easy at a bar. But I suppose that's understandable. They want to make sure they won't get in trouble with the law. I just have to remember I'll be carded for the rest of my life.

And then there's people at work that appear older than they are. They suffer the reverse of what I go through - obviously. But at least for them it makes sense that they won't get carded or have to continue to prove their age - sort of.

I guess there's really no middle ground. Have you ever met someone where you guessed their age almost exactly? Probably not. I don't know many people that can do that. But perhaps that's just something I've noticed when chatting with friends and acquaintances.

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