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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thoughts on Lack of Posts, Summer Days, and Exchange Students 2

Perhaps it's the summer air and Washington finally getting a few days of decent weather. Or maybe it's my mind procrastinating. Then there's the fact that I've been searching for new music and haven't quite found something that makes me want to write.

There have been things I've thought about writing; here and on my writing blog. But I think my motivation is currently gone. I've lost that focus and drive that I had a few months ago. Now my posts here - and on Cellar Door - are few and far between.

I need to get back; I want to get back into it. But there's something that's stopping me; myself.

Washington has finally started to get some decent weather. Decent meaning I actually have to use a fan to stay comfortable. This summer has been unusually cool, which I don't entirely mind. But it definitely means I've spent many days this season indoors on the weekends.


Our exchange students left on Wednesday morning. But they stayed at a hotel near the airport Tuesday night since their flight was early. This homestay was different then our last experience. It was more like babysitting and less learning about their culture. Both were shy and in a new country, so perhaps there was a tad of culture shock. It also didn't help that the group was all young, from affluent families, and weren't exactly interested in the field trips planned.

The leaders weren't very organized - since the main teacher was moving across the country - and the email and phone chain weren't working. It was an experience. And certainly taught us to stick to having older kids stay with us. At least at the age when they're in high school.

But one thing that was really great... was after the farewell barbeque. We were seeing them off at the bus, and after they got their bags loaded in, they said their final good-byes. Wendy pretty much waved and jumped on the bus like she couldn't wait to leave. However Rose seemed much more touched by having spent time at our house. She gave us both a hug - which was surprising to her teachers - and was nearly in tears. Rose didn't want to let go of us when she did give us a hug, but she knew she had to. We told her to have a fun time in LA before they flew back to China. I'm glad to know at least one of our exchange students had a fun time at our house, and a great experience in the US.

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