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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thoughts on The Valley, Work Crushes, Clear Tape

Every morning I drive through a valley to get to work. It's farm land, soccer fields, and where the majority of my hometown sits. Huge hot air balloons take off and land here, and people come to watch the spectacle of Ultimate Frisbee during a weekend tournament.

In the morning, I drive on a small back road to go down into the valley and across. The sun rises at my back, lighting my destination in golden rays. A light mist lingers mere feet over the farmer's crops and above the creek that cuts the valley in half. On the distant hill, more fog shrouds buildings, but is quickly dissipating from the sunrise.

I cross some railroad tracks that haven't seen a train in over fifteen years. Weeds grow between the ties, nearly hiding the existence of the iron beams and railroad spikes still firmly in place. Taking one last look at the valley, I won't see it for another eight hours, on my trek home with the sun once more at my back.

I've had crushes before; every girl probably has. But I've never worked at a place where I've had coworkers that I could eat lunch with, or talk to before the day starts. At the bakery, I worked my shift alone each Saturday through high school. The Asian grocery store had me working in the demo department, which was once more by myself in some corner to hand out samples. No one has every really been around my age at the places I've worked.

Now it's strange having a guy that I sit with, eat lunch with, and have had a crush on.... It's hard to tell if there's any interest back. My hopeless romantic side says yes, there is some interest; while on the other hand, I'm desperately Then there's the rule in my head that I've always believed in: Never date anyone you work with.

And I'm tempted to stick to it because a break-up would be awkward. Perhaps instead of something happening, I'll just continue to let my imagination run rampant and create whatever romance novel it wants.


Packaging tape has always confused me. The clear, ultra sticky stuff to hold cardboard flaps together and send them across the country. They've got a lot of uses beyond just packing up boxes and envelopes. They could also be used to get animal hair off clothes, or aid someone in getting a sliver out of their finger. Has anyone else noticed the smell of this sticky tape? It's like vinegar. Why, I have no idea. But when having to use it a lot, it's a really terrible aroma. Kind of like a rotten banana, a large amount of olives, or basically anything fermented. Perhaps it's the glue that is used to make the tape sticky, or the material itself, but either way, it's a horrible yet helpful substance.

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