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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thoughts on Farmer's Markets, Playing Fetch, and Super Dinosaur

Every day of the week, there's a farmer's market going on somewhere. Since most of them are closed by the time I get out of work, I'm limited to the weekend. And thankfully, my hometown has it's own every Saturday. There's a lot of great finds wandering the stalls. Besides local fruits and veggies, there's various cheeses, pickled garlic and olives; fish, flowers, herb plants, fire-baked pizza, and other fantastic edibles. It's quite the collection. Practically a department store of items - minus electronics of course - since there's also some clothing, and artwork.

Locals wander the stalls; regulars to the vendors and get their weekly fix of whatever they've run out of. Tourists staying in the nearby hotel venture down to see what all the activity is about, including the live music and terrific smells.

On occasion, I get the urge to go and find out what's new and delicious. I'm hoping someone will be carrying peaches - far too early in the year - so that I can cease eating from cans and jars, and enjoy the taste of a freshly picked peach until my own tree bears fruit. Or perhaps I'll pick up kettle corn for my mom, her popcorn weakness; or snag some fantastic veggies for a cheap price. I try to stick local with what I buy, but it's never easy when money is tight, so I try to do what I can. Although I have to say, if I'm going to indulge locally and at least once or twice a week, I'd have to buy the chocolate milk made not too far from here. It's the best I've ever had, and can't be topped by any national brand.

Hopefully I'll be able to support more locals as the years go on.


We haven't had too many dogs that enjoy playing fetch. Bear certainly did, but I was young when we had him. Pookie was a black puff ball that hated to run, so she wasn't a big fan of playing. Shiloh despised the idea of fetch, and just ignored the entire idea. Maggie (my neighbors dog we watched frequently) liked to play fetch, but she was pretty overweight for a dog and had a lot of health issues that limited her. Whitaker likes to play on occasion, but has to be in the mood. Sherlock and Xena (two other beagles we watch on occasion) are escape artists and will play mostly with each other. Lucky (another dog we watch rather frequently) loves playing fetch. He has an insatiable amount of energy. If there's nothing else he'd rather do, it's play fetch for hours while he stays with us.

Unfortunately, Lucky also has a lot of drool. So we don't play fetch with him in the typical sort. Rather than throw the ball, we use a tennis racket - there are plenty around our house - and we wear a rubber work glove to not have to handle the drooly ball. It works out quite well, until the ball ends up going over the fence into the neighbors yard, or down the street our house lives on.

But playing fetch with Lucky is a lot of fun.


Titles scream everything to me. Sometimes by a title, it'll entice me to pick up a book (unfortunately how I ended up reading Twilight). But titles are meant to be attractive, even if what lies between the pages isn't that great.

Take Super Dinosaur for example. Its a comic book preview that was offered on Free Comic Book day. And that title screamed to me that this wonder must be read. You can never go wrong with anything that has "Super" and "Dinosaur" on it's cover.

And happily, I was right. This is a great comic that takes place in my home state, Washington, in an area that doesn't get very much attention. And no, it's not Forks - thank the literary and comic book gods.

Now I need to think of some kind of epic title to attract people the same way I've been enticed.

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