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Friday, May 27, 2011

Thoughts on Flash, Procrastination, and Flirting

There's just something about listening to Flash by Queen that makes me want to write a superhero story. Obviously it's the fact that the song was for a superhero, but all I see is the delusions of grandeur that the world in which a hero would live in could bring about to the Average Joe.

Either that, or the ridiculousness of the super villains. It probably already exists, but it'd be a blast to write a book parody about every trope that's in a comic book. I'd go crazy with that. But how could you not?


I think everyone becomes a pro at procrastination after they've reached their sophomore year of high school. By that point, a person has had decent exposure to the seniors, and the deadly senioritis. Unfortunately, such a thing continues after high school and well into your adult years. And of course there's no cure.

But procrastination is especially a problem when you're a writer. It's easy to get distracted by the internet, or by building a playlist. Unfortunately all the excuses don't mean that magical gnomes will swing in and type out the next children's classic, or American novel. There's hard work, and perseverance. The audience should be able to feel your blood, sweat, and tears oozing from the pages because you've forged on and created something that puts yourself into the public eye.

No one gets there by procrastination. Seeing other writing buddies on Twitter mention their works in progress, reminds me that we're all striving for the same goal. We're there as a small community to help each other out by providing words of encouragement, reminders, and to have someone that understands that knows what you're going through.

Seriously thought. I'm way procrastinating on Cellar Door and GNH. I need to get back to work. ASAP.


 Sometimes I can be pretty dense. So when a guy flirts with me, I don't notice it immediately. Most especially at work. The naive part of me just assumes people are being incredibly nice.

It's sometime later that I pick up on the flirting, after someone mentions it.

And for once, I'm trying to flirt back - despite the fact I'm pretty terrible at it or at least don't realise when I'm doing it. But that's because this guy is someone I've had a crush on since he first started working at the warehouse. My romantic side is going crazy, while the rest of me is trying to not get my hopes up.

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