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Friday, May 27, 2011

Thoughts on Humor, Pirates, and Headaches

Yes, I'm running late on this post. My apologies.

On my other blog, I wrote a short story recently called "Ceiling Tiles and Laughter." And for the most part, I'd say it's an example of how dark my humor can get. Though, perhaps it's on the lighter side... I'm sure there are darker things lurking, it's just a matter of if I'll let them out of their cage.

But that story was from a plot twist in a roleplay a friend and I were doing on instant messenger. The character loses his leg and that brief flash fiction was his way of finally accepting this life changing event and working on moving past that. For the most part, I can't see any other way of moving past something so traumatic as losing a limb, than by using some amount of humor to help yourself cope. That's probably why whenever I am thrust into a crazy situation - although not life threatening - I tend to use humor to ease my own nerves. And even if it's not dangerous or crazy, just stressful, I laugh it off with others as we're going through it to make sure I'm not freaking out and taking out my anger and frustration out on other people.

So I hope that if I ever have to lose a limb or face something tragic, I could look at it - probably after a string of other emotions - with humor and to set others at ease, not just myself.


One reason I'm writing this so late, is because I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, with my friend NoLifeInABox, and my cousins, C and H.

Yes, there is a fourth Pirates film. But thankfully, it's a very stand-alone film. There's nothing in it that pertains to the first three besides Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and the map from the third film. Oh, and Mr. Gibbs. So thankfully there isn't anyone like Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly running around - cause really, who wasn't getting sick of those two?

Certainly nothing will ever top the epicness that was the first film. But the second and third had their moments of awesome; however I still wouldn't pick either as a fantastic film alone. Strangely, On Stranger Tides did a good job in capturing everything that was enjoyable about the first Pirates. It was just back to Jack Sparrow doing what Jack Sparrow does. There wasn't a storyline that involved the romance of Orlando and Keira, or the wackiness of their relationship. The whole, will-they, won't-they trope that was finally wrapped up in the third film.

But Stranger Tides had crazy escapes, chases, amazing sword fights, and it did all of this while making you feel like it was only an hour and a half instead of the two hours and twenty-one minutes the film is listed as being. It sucks you into a time warp that truly feels much shorter because of it's fast pacing and intertwined plots.

I won't get into much more, except that Pirates has always been a guilty pleasure of mine that makes looking like a pirate, fun, despite it's dirty and grungy ways it actually is.


My headaches choose to come and go. It's actually really tough to determine what specifically is causing me pain.

Sometimes it's my sinuses, while other times it's because I've dehydrated myself. Potentially, it's after a large dose of caffeine that has finally drained my system and left me crashed and trampled on the ground. On occasion, it's because of a lack of sleep. But either way, they're not easy to pinpoint - for anybody.

I just wish it would be easier to get rid of them. Some days, just a low dose of ibuprofen works, while others, I'm forced to take ibuprofen and drink high amounts of caffeine until finally it subsides - which leads to problems later, ironically. If nothing  helps, perhaps drinking lots of water, eating something, or even going to bed early has improved how I feel.

Seriously. Someone create an easier fix for any headache.

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