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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thoughts on Cheez-its, Guy Friends, and Re-reading Roleplays.

There's something about Cheez-its that makes them so addicting. When they say "Get your own box" they aren't kidding.

Maybe it's the delicate mix of cheese, salt and crunch that makes them so irresistible. Or the fact they don't leave behind much residue on your fingers. They are simply one of the best snack crackers ever. As the snack saying goes, "You can never have just one."


I think every girl should have a guy friend.

A guy that there's no feeling of sexual tension, or a friends-with-benefits, sort of deal. He's just someone you can hang out with, grab dinner with, video game with, and have epic conversations. Writing wise, he's a great person to bounce ideas off of and help you plot stories.

He's honest, caring, and at times, is a better friend than some of my female friends. We hang out and catch the latest flick all the time, or have video game marathons. He's someone I can depend on when I need help - moving heavy things - or someone to rant to when I've had a bad day.

There's nothing about this relationship I'd change. I'm perfectly happy where we are, and that we're good enough friends to talk about anything, yet still keep some privacy. We'll probably be friends for a long, long time.


I tend to reread roleplays a lot. All the past ones I've participated in, I save on Gaia and reread them. A lot.

Some of my favorite characters have come out of roleplays. But to relive the "glory days" as it were, and perhaps give me ideas for other short stories. And I generally end up rereading my favorites every other week. I have to say, some of my best plot ideas have come from roleplays on instant messenger. A few of them, I wish could have continued, but were unfortunately cut short - on Gaia at least - due to attendance and schedules.

But I can't stop rereading everything. It's all just so fascinating to see how I've evolved as a writer, and see where to improve in comparison to others. I like this type of learning experience and self-examination and criticism.

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