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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts on Late Night Conversations, Walking the Town, Zombies

This is running a tad late - if you're on the East Coast - but I've had a great evening with a friend I haven't seen in a long time.

Actually, NoLifeinABox and I are known for our late night conversations when we hang out. We touch on such a variety of subjects, that it's so much fun and gives us a lot to talk about. Whether it's talking about government and city infrastructure, or Zombies and the bacon meme, we enjoy eachother's company. It's the sign of a good relationship that we want to hang out and just talk about anything and everything. There are times we disagree, but we have a good sense of respect that despite the difference, it doesn't matter. Staying up late talking has happened on multiple occasions. A few times it's been with other friends - a going away party, actually - and just enjoying our last night together before parting ways for college.

Sola and I on numerous occasions used to stay up late chatting, laughing, and just having a blast being able to spend time together. Nothing wrong with a great person to have fantastic conversations with; it's something I've missed recently, with a shrinking social circle. I hunger to have long talks and just someone that I'm happy to be around that we can equally share the talking space.


My hometown is relatively small, in at least comparison to a lot of suburban areas not far from a major city. The best thing though, is being able to walk down the hill from my house and literally be a five minute jaunt from downtown. I can get to the outdoor mall, any restaurant, city hall, and any of the 21 Starbucks that litter the city (I know all of their locations too). But I'm not sure I could find everything I like about my hometown, everywhere.

I've never lived in a major metropolitan area - which I feel I should experience at least for a few years in life - but I truly enjoy the open spaces this area has provided. The town is littered with parks, local businesses, fast food chains, and plenty of sidewalks. In great weather, it's a lot of fun to just wander and explore so many nooks and crannies that I drive by every day. In fifteen to twenty minutes, I can be across town and have seen so many buildings that are such a part of the local history. Another few minutes, and I've returned into my neighborhood.

Perhaps I wouldn't like the big city as much, and am better suited for suburban life; but I won't know which I enjoy more until I get to experience it.


Somehow they manage to creep into a lot of conversations. And no, it's not in any subtle way I bring them up. I could be talking about the local wildlife and suddenly I'll mention how scary it would be on the side of the road was a zombie and suddenly burst through the window and infected whomever I'm riding with. Maybe I should work on subject changes in conversation; or perhaps I have a strange obsession that needs to be treated with zombie related media... But they've become so engrained in my normal conversation topics that perhaps I should start to be concerned.

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