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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on Fritos, Lunch Time Walks, Clutter

Food vending machines contain some super fantastic things. Like fruit snacks, cookies, candy bars, gum, and of course they'd be nowhere without chips. With so many chip types, it's tough to choose. But I'm a big fan of the classics. SunChips are great, but there's something fantastic about Original Ruffles, or Plain Lays. Most of all though, is how delicious Fritos are. The original delicious corn chips. If I want any kind of chip with my lunch, it's corn chips.

Maybe it's that they're awesome with chili, by themselves, or with salsa. And that's something you can't say about a lot of chips. So the instant the vending machine at work has plain Fritos, that's all I'll buy. They are the best compliment to a pb&j. The Chili Cheese flavor is not the same. Perhaps it's because I'm not a fan of the artificial flavor or the mess it leaves on your fingers, so I'm a fan of something that's clean and also doesn't turn your tongue orange.

Right now, the vending machine at work only has the Chili Cheese flavor. There is much sadness.


I try to get out in the weather when I can. On the rare sunny days, I like to walk around our warehouse. Since I work eight hours a day, I miss the majority of the good weather Monday through Friday. I can only get brief glimpses during breaks, lunch, and by looking up at the distant clouded roof windows. I'm not any more chipper when the weather is sunny and bright. I'll enjoy some sunshine when I'm up for it, but I'm just thankful for at least a small break for those people that are solar powered.

There's something about walking around the building though, that is really relaxing and almost therapeutic. It's a break to they work day when walking is better than standing, sitting or just waiting for the day to be over with. I can let my mind relax, take in the weather - good or bad - and just mull over the past few hours of work.


I think our house has always been cluttered. My mom has always called it, her organized chaos. We always know where the item is we're looking for, even if it's lost in the stacks of things on a desk. Certainly there are things in the house we don't  need and papers we save for no reason or for donation. Just odd knickknacks we've both collected to "use in the future" and have yet to find a use for.

Here I am at twenty-one, wanting to clean up the mess and just start fresh. I'd like to add nooks to hold books and display interesting things I've collected. But mostly, I just want to make this house my own. It's part of my inheritance - and basically once she gets married I'll live here on my own - so I don't just want it to be the exact same home I grew up in. I want to make it cozy, and perfect for a geek, or writer, or just someone that really loves to read or has treasures to share. That way, I won't have the same clutter.

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