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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts on Store Bought Frosting, Smoothies, Semi Trucks

Through high school, and a few years after, I worked in a bakery. I've had plenty of experience with frosting and what goes best with various cakes and fillings, and what doesn't. Plus, I can make the delicious frostings from my old work, at home if I ever really needed. But I now wonder about store-bought frosting.

While skimming the back, I noticed in the section of "directions" they provide on how to best spread the frosting, the very last step was to store in the fridge for up to two weeks. And when I think about it, I don't know many people that have actually stored their leftover frosting in the refrigerator. Does anybody know of that step? I mean, frosting is pretty self-explanatory - unless you're making it from scratch. So what's the point of refrigeration? We've kept ours in the pantry for several months - handy for spreading on graham crackers for a quick snack.

Has anyone actually stored their store-bought frosting in a fridge?


There's nothing like snagging a smoothie on a hot day and enjoying it's refreshing taste. I've always enjoyed making them at home,  because then as I have it, I can throw cereal on top and add a crunchiness to it. With fruit being expensive, I tend to just purchase a smoothie at Jamba juice or make a milkshake at home because that's easier. It's more cost effective. Mangoes can get quite expensive, along with strawberries and many of the really fantastic fruit.

If only I could grow every kind of fruit in my yard, then I wouldn't have to worry about purchasing any.


Large trucks are a wonder. They're used for distribution, moving, and basically anything that has to do with getting product around. The drivers are probably some of the best in the world - they can back up a thirty foot trailer into a space that is twelve feet wide. That takes skill. In a lot of ways though, they're really terrifying. It could be I've had one too many close calls where I've almost been hit by one while driving, or been too close for comfort to one while walking. So I'm generally very cautious when  it comes to my interaction on roads with semi trucks. Are other people as nervous around them as I am? Or is it just some crazy fear I've developed?

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