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Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts on Walking the Town, Crawdads, and Age of The Geek

Walking around my home town is actually a lot of fun. There's tons of little bakeries, eateries, and shops of all kinds that my friends and I discover and rediscover every time we wander.

We grab a smoothie at Jamba, perhaps a snack at the nearby QFC, and then we're off to explore and see where random turns take us.

The only unpleasant time to walk the town... is when it's hot. There's very little breeze - as we are located in a valley - there's plenty of tall buildings, and we're not near a large body of water to ease the heat.

But walking down by the slough is always a nice refresher. Yeah, it's just a giant stream that floods a lot during the winter and gets super low during the summer. It's where I've taken a lot of my nature pictures on Facebook. Especially of the baby geese and ducks.

One thing I never knew about that the slough had, was crawdads. Basically they're crayfish. After watching what we counted to be about ten of them while we sat under the bridge in the shade from the heat, we came to a realisation.

Crawdads move like cars. They can go forward; they can go backward. But can't bend in the middle and turn. It was rather amusing to see how they were hiding under their rocks, what looked to be like cleaning their little homes, and only moving forward and backward.

Watching them reminded me of Animal Crossing, and how in one of my games, I have a crawfish in a tank in the middle of my living room.

I'm sure if I liked crawfish or seafood in general, I'd enjoy the notion of perhaps eating them. But I don't, so they're safe from my hungry stomach.


My friend and I took notice that out of all the years of fandoms that have occurred in our lifetime, that this is the "Age of The Geek."

And honestly, it makes sense. There's so many Marvel and DC films out now. Comic books are not just for horn-rimmed-glasses wearing kids and 40-year-old virgins that live in their mother's basements. But in fact, being a geek is popular.

Celebrities are comfortable telling about how they video game a lot and that they like to read graphic novels. It's not longer a bad thing to be labeled as a geek. And I've noticed that the local news picks up some geekier stories - like the obsession of bacon like "Bacon Air"!!

Boy, am I proud to always be a geek.

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