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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thoughts on The Help, Writing, and Procrastination At Its Finest

I saw The Help today. And it was a really cool movie. I need to read the book asap.

It's fascinating how strict the rules were for people, and the do's and don'ts that Mississippi had for it's citizens. I can't imagine living in such a time - although in some ways there are some pretty unaccepting people in the world today.

But it was fascinating how despite the risks of speaking about being a maid in the 1960s of America, that they were willing to do so after witnessing so many terrible things done to them. There were some families that were accepting and happy to do the right thing to help their maids, and to make sure they weren't treated poorly. It was funny, witty, and endearing. You cared about the maids, Skeeter, and Celia because they all changed things by speaking their minds; being honest with the world that didn't want to change.

If you get the chance, see it. It's quite the movie and worth seeing. Now time to go find the book.

Something as a lesson for writers that I took from seeing The Help was that you should write something that you're passionate about. Something that speaks to you.

Skeeter continued to pursue telling the story of the maids and make sure that their side was heard. She wanted people to know how poorly the help was being treated. And despite people trying to discourage her, she continued to pursue her passion.

That's a lesson I need to work on.


So, I've been planning to have a garage sale all summer. A way to help get rid of a lot of the old stuff we have - my books included - and to bring in new things like much needed furniture and a new television.

But every weekend I either end up video gaming, or sleeping because of a headache. Or busy. So it's frustrating that on Sunday night I realise I've accomplished nothing. Hopefully I'll get back on track this week.

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