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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thoughts on Mosquito Bites, Wounded Phones, and CD Collection

I'm one of those people that is unfortunately what one might say is allergic to mosquito bites. They don't just itch after I get bit, but they also welt up rather large and are often times, painful.

Thankfully, I'm not as bad as my mom, but mosquitoes are one of those creatures that everyone hates. They really seem to have no purpose except be annoying on a vacation or camping trip, and to perhaps stupidly fly into a spider's web. Ah, the circle of life.

I'm generally pretty careful with my cellphone. My last one finally called it quits because of wear - having had it for 2+ years and it going basically everywhere with me (as it should) - and the hinge had finally cracked and broken off.

But I've never had my phone be mortally damaged. Which is unfortunately what happened to my current phone - which also happens to be a touch screen.

I was waiting in line with mom and step-dad at Wendy's to grab a quick bite to eat. I'd been fielding texts from various folks about Friday Night Ultimate Frisbee, since we were in a different location. Hearing my phone go off, I dug it out of my pocket - or maybe I was putting it back, I'm not sure. But somehow I lost my grip on it and bam, it's out of my hand and on the floor. The back cover pops off, the battery is out, and suddenly the screen is cracked. FML.

The great thing is, everything still works. I can still text, receive calls and do everything a phone should. Biggest problem is, the screen is cracked and glass bits are coming out. Totally not safe. But we got a call out to get it replaced, and I'm thankfully getting a new one sent to me by Car Toys - since that's where we got our phones. Should be here by Monday/Tuesday. Thank the Technology Gods for warranties.


I have way too many CDs. But I have an awesome stereo, so I'd never get rid of them. And unfortunately, said stereo is buried under my mountain of CDs. Ironic...

I need to find a better place to store all of these, some place that is more organized then my desk. Shelving required.

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