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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thoughts on "Loud Music," Vlogging Idea, and The Wild Thornberries

Michelle Branch was and still is one of my favorite female vocal artists. She's always done things her own way and never followed the crazy crowd of those Pop Singers. Quite the role model to look up to - I can't sing, but following the beat of her own drum is what I look up to. I've been following her on Twitter.

Besides talking about her daughter, Owen, her love of baking (she wants to open a pie shop in LA - YUM!) and her chickens, she's been talking about her upcoming album. Her first new album in quite a while, she's been releasing some previously unreleased songs via Twitter and her website. It's been great to hear her again, and as always, I still enjoy her lyrics, voice and just who she is.

Right now she's on her bus tour, which is totally awesome - and reminds me I need to see if she's making a stop in Seattle. And her latest hit that I've been listening to on Youtube, is "Loud Music." I think we all know what this song is really about, but it's still a catchy tune. Enjoy!


I've been thinking about vlogging for a while. And after watching my friend Alyssa practice her vlogging skills before she heads off to Prague for the fall semester, it got me thinking more on what I would want to vlog about - if I started to do so. There's already plenty of people that review video games, movies, music, etc. But is there really anyone out there that talks about writing?

I imagine the only reason writers don't vlog is because we're known for being terrible socially and well... awkward. Not to mention... we're writers for a reason. We don't like to be under the spotlight. We feel safe behind our words and in the shadows, working in the background. I'd like to shatter that boundary and start vlogging. People can get a writer's perspective on things. Follow me - and hopefully others - on our journey (Don't Stop Believing!!...) to get attention and published.

But it wouldn't just focus on such a linear plot. Cause of course that would be too boring. We could talk about other topics under the giant umbrella that is "WRITING." Here's just a quick list off the top of my head:

-music playlists
-writer's block
-WriMo (if you participate)
-rejection letters
-writing environments
-character creation
-reading/books (writers read other writers after all)

And so on and so forth. But that way it won't get boring talking about the same thing every day. Perhaps it will be a flop, or it'll be a success and I can get other writers to join me. That's the hope at least.


The Wild Thornberries has always been one of my favorite shows. A girl that can talk to animals, whose parents are International Documentary Filmmakers? Sign me up for that family!

Yes, I always wished I was a Thornberry. Eliza got to see animals of all kinds while growing up. Nigel Thornberry would be and is an awesome dad. Marriane is a great, caring mom who is fantastic at keeping up with her wild husband and taking care of her family.

And honestly, who wouldn't want to live in the Commvee? It was the coolest place to live. Ever. It does everything and then continues to surprise and amaze.

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