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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thoughts on Phone Replacements, Letters, and Barbeque Sauce

I wrote last week that I cracked the screen on my phone because it fell from my pocket.Well, now my replacement phone is here - thank you 22 month warranty coverage - and let's just say... it's larger then I expected.

I had a HTC Aria, which was on the smaller side of all touch screen phones. But see, that was perfect for me. I'm a person of short stature, so I also have small hands. The Aria was just the right fight for texting and holding my phone in one hand and doing virtually everything that way.

My new phone is ginormous. It's a Samsung Galaxy S, which is HUGE. Texting is certainly uncomfortable and the keyboard is set up a bit differently. So there's lots to get used to now.

But I seriously miss my old phone....


I love sending mail to people. I'm glad to know it can brighten someone's day.

Unfortunately, I'm also really terrible at sending out said letters. I could write a response the same day as having received one, but it will inevitably sit on my desk until I take it upstairs and get it in the mail.

I'm glad you enjoyed your letter, Katie! Hopefully my next response to your postcards won't take so long!


I have a thing against barbeque sauce. Actually, in comparison to my dislike of eggs and sushi, this one is pretty reasonable.

Growing up, we would attend two birthdays a year at my Uncle's house. Being a single dad of two wheelbound children - and not always that great of a cook - he would cook simple meals. So our meal always consisted of rice, salad, soda/water/juice/coffee and barbeque chicken. It was basically boiled chicken that was then placed on the grill and soaked in a lot of sauce. We had that same meal for ten years.

Lately, it's been a nice variety; but until the past few years, it was the same boring thing.

But I think besides eating it too much - or at least that feels like too much to me - I really don't like the taste or smell of things. I'm not fond of sweet sauces for meat. I like things to be salty and sour, like A1 steak sauce. That stuff is delicious; I would drink it if it didn't have such a high sodium content.

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