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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An explanation, an apology, & a promise I hope to keep

So.  H-h-hey, there.  How are things?

Where has the time gone?  I really couldn't tell you.  And I really don't have a good enough excuse for dropping Big Myth We Live like a hot potato.  It started with my summer jobs getting the better of me, then seeing old friends, then seeing some new ones, then everything piling up under my great big streak of lazy.  I skipped a day here, a day there, and then it just seemed like such a challenge to write anything at all - either here or in even my own, personal journal.  I went through a strange writing overload-yet-dry-spell.  And then, as simple and terrible as it is, I simply...forgot.

Can you ever forgive me?

I have no better reasoning or excuse than the flimsy "I got tired and busy and I let it slide."  And I'm tired of using that, for everything and anything that I start to feel guilty for forgetting and then never have the balls to turn back to and make things right.  So, this is me, coming back, facing up, and trying to fix whatever I've broken in myself that led to this pitiful display of cowardice and anti-inspiration.

This is me, coming back, not with a bang, but a sneak.  And bearing naught but my poor soul for scrutiny - and a promise.  The first semester of my second year back at college proves to be a busy one, dear friends, readers, and fellow writers (or even just you, Dom, when you read this).  I was lucky enough to get a spot to study abroad this fall, an opportunity I pounced upon without a second's hesitation.  And even as I'm embroiled in the packing and planning, I continue to dream and scheme and plan to write as often as humanly possible, between classes and traveling and everything in between.  That means that I am pledging to you (and myself), here and now, to begin writing and posting here, every single day.  The promise may not hold up for very long, but I will be making an effort and putting all my strength behind writing, both longhand and on the computer, both in this blog and my personal writing blog here on blogger, both the nonsense I post on Tumblr and the literary endeavors I hope to see published someday.

So, I promise to write.  I promise to write until my fingers bleed.  I promise to write until the ideas run out - and then some.  I have explained, I continue to apologize for my absence, and I sincerely promise to do what I know I must to survive.

I promise to write.

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