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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thoughts on New Shows, Donating Books, Steve Jobs

Normally every season I find another show to add to the list I follow. Of course, I have my staples: Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Parenthood, Rizzoli & Isles, and Glee (yes, I know, I do follow that show, but I have my reasons). But of course, there's all the new shows that crop up and turn out to be really fantastic. This year I have fallen in love with: Raising Hope, Necessary Roughness, and my most recent addition, New Girl.

Plus, there are still shows I have yet to see  because they have a later debut; or they've already been cancelled. But I still need to check out Pan Am, and once it comes out, Once Upon A Time.

But the star rookie of the new shows is definitely New Girl. With Zooey Deschanel as a recent single, she's a new roommate to three guy friends who are just trying to find "the one", get a job, and get over an ex. While coping with her own break-up, she's helping them with their problems, mostly by accident and also gaining friends that are helping her. She's quirky, geeky, and just loves being herself, Jess, is definitely one of those characters I relate to automatically.

Maybe it's the fact that she's comfortable being herself, but will try and fit into a different shape when her friends want her to. However even after a while she needs to break free and dance to the beat of her own drum/kazoo/instrument of your choice. So this show is certainly a keeper for me.

Here's a plus: geeky references and Miss Deschanel's whimsical singing included.


A while back I had done some cleaning out of my room. Mostly getting old books off the shelves and storing them in boxes. I planned on having a garage sale for them to try and get some spare cash in hopes of getting us either a real couch or replacing our slowly deteriorating television.

My mom inquired about all the books - two boxes worth - and asked if some people at our church could look through my books and pull stuff out for donation. They needed things for specific grades to send to China - why China needs our books, I don't know, but do they honestly need them?

Well, a few weeks had gone by, and I asked my mom if she got the books back. Anything that they weren't going to send to China, was supposed to be returned to me. Because those were my property. It was my choice what I wanted to do with them.

Low and behold, I inquire about it today, and find out the person collecting the books took all my extras and turned them into Half-Price Books. So essentially, I just lost out on extra cash on items that should have been returned to me because they were my property. Those books were in my collection for 21 years and many were even older than me. A simple apology won't do in my mind. Cause honestly, we had said the extra books needed to be returned to us. And it was agreed upon that I would get them back. So since they're long gone, I at least deserve the money from them.

That's the last time I ever donate to some stupid church thing my mom tries to convince me is for a "good cause." Humanity continues to disappoint.


I'm not a fan of Apple products. Well, mostly just the company and how they are with their products.

However I can't say anything bad about Steve Jobs. He was a true innovator, inventor, dreamer and creator. Many of the items we rely so heavily on today were innovations from him. Continually pushing technology, he really knew what people wanted.

A true visionary, I'm sad to see him go, but happy to know that he passed peacefully with family nearby. I'm sure he's already working on how to make improvements to heaven. Can anyone say iPeter?

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.

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