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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts on Hope, Sites, and Lady Is A Tramp

I grew up attending church. In fact, it was common for me to attend every Wednesday and Sunday with my mom. Not to mention participate in various activities put on by different groups within the church body.

But as I got older, it became less and less a "thing" for me. It's not that I was sprinting away from the idea of a higher power. In fact, that is something I do still believe; along with the other morals I grew up with. However it's that I've been continuously losing faith in just depending on a giant spaghetti monster on the dark side of the moon that would answer my prayers. I'm not just going to sit around and wait for things to happen for me; instead, I'm much more of a do-er. I'd rather put my own effort behind what I want done than just have faith it will happen because of karma or blah blah blah.

However, the one thing I haven't lost, is hope. The idea that tomorrow will be a better day, or that things won't always be this hard financially. It's that silver lining or the light at the end of the tunnel -- and no, that's not a train. But it's seeing the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. It's all about staying optimistic and hopeful that another day will come and it will be brighter than the last.


I've been a member of Gamers With Jobs for about four years. And yeah, it seems weird for a young woman like myself to be on a website outwardly deemed by many as a "sausage fest." But this is a website that I've felt a great sense of community. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, this is most certainly the village I would trust my kids to - if I had any.

But in comparison to many social sites where usernames abound and people chat away about the forums, this place is different. There's that sense of camaraderie; friendly compassion and support that you would really only think to find in close friends. However these people care about each other and the members of the website like we had all grown up together. Sure, there's site jokes, healthy competition and even requests for advice (which I've done a lot of), but it's more than that. We're involved and interested in each other's lives because we understand that on the other side of these monikers, is a human.

It's why I'm so happy to read a thread like this in which one member comes out of the closet, and inspires another to do the same. Complete strangers able to help each other and support each other because they both want to be honest with themselves, their friends and their families.

Humanity can sometimes truly rock.


If you haven't given this a listen yet, please do. The song is fantastic, and it truly exhibits Lady Gaga's talents as an artist singing a true classic song.

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