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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thoughts on Facebook and People Needing to Grow Up

I have always been really tolerant of people and their opinions. If they strongly believe in their religion, power to them. If one of my guy friends loves guys, power to him for being happy with who he is - self-acceptance FTW.

But what I don't have a tolerance for is people that come onto my Facebook wall when I've posted something and state their opinion so rudely. Congrats to the fact that they have an opinion, but did they ever listen to their mother? If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.

Basically, this happened on my wall:

I'm glad Tyler is comfortable sharing his opinion. He's an adult and should be prepared for any consequences of this. However, he should also not be ignorant and at least put more understanding into what he's trying to state so poorly.

Yeah, I believe in God too. But I also believe that God loves everyone. I don't go around bible-thumping people with my beliefs. And the people that make all Christians look bad are the ignorant extremists that take things out of context and ignore the rest of the teachings. Acceptance and Love. But most of all love. Which of course makes me think of the whole "if he who has no sin shall cast the first stone" thing.

I support my friends that are in the LGBTQ community because they're my friends. It doesn't matter to me who you love. People should be more open minded. Every other creature on the planet has same-sex relationships, isn't it strange that humans are so against it when homosexuality is so natural?

Anyway... Tyler needs to grow up. What he did on my wall was immature and he should have just kept the comments to himself. He has obviously since been removed from my friends list and blocked. I toyed with the idea of reporting him, but knew that would be bad form.

Either way, people should be more accepting.

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