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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thoughts on Write-ins (again), College Apps (some more ), and Plotting

I've met a lot of great people this year at the local write-ins. Yeah, there have been quite a few that are utterly scary beyond all belief - but really, aren't all writers? However, there are some that truly take the cake.

I'm sure all writers are in their own way, socially awkward. Yet somehow, we get along with each other fantastically. It's always tough to find people in the "real world" that you can converse with about anything and everything, and it still all relates to writing. We all come from different walks of life, but we all hold the same passion for writing and creativity that we just click.

It's a surreal sense of camaraderie that you could only experience on sports teams, or basically any "team" situation. But it's why we're all drawn together like moths to a flame in order to converse about our stories, our characters, and this shared passion that is a complete opposite of our lives.

And here's to hoping it won't end come November 30th.


Everything has been mailed in on time. I've got nothing left to do now but wait and apply for scholarships.

There have been some exciting moments since the last envelope left my house. For example, I picked up the mail and found a large envelope from Emerson. Completely forgetting the date, I raced home and tore it open! Only to discover it was that brochure I had requested months ago. Well played, Emerson. Well played. You got my hopes up. I see what you did there.

So here I am waiting on pins and needles with so much anticipation, dread, worry, and everything you could think of, because I'm so nervous. Anxiously asking my mom every day if she got the mail or if I need to sprint in the rain to get it, is starting to annoy her. I can tell. But she understands my excitement and my need for wanting to know if I'm getting out of here or if I'm trapped in the land of perpetual rain forever.


Seriously. I can't believe I'm plotting for next year already. There's some amount of ridiculousness in the fact that I'm working on ideas for 2012. And perhaps the idea will never see more than my computer screen because the world is ending shortly after November 30, 2012. But it'll be worth it to write.

Over the years I've come up with several ideas to write about for NaNoWriMo. But not all have panned out or been worth while to plot. Among them are:

-Powerpuff girls meets the Disney Princesses, written as a novel where each chapter is an episode with an overall plot arch. Your same basic princesses with super powers and lots of awesome to be had.
-Steampunk novel based off an epic dream I had. And no, this one does not include sparkles, vampires, or glitter of any kind. They are not allowed.
-A roleplay idea from a few years ago. Narnia meets LotR with a dash of the modern world. Not to mention a crazy chef and lots of red hair.

So I've come up with some rather strange ideas. But that is what November is for. Next year will be the Post Apocolyptic novel of the century. Current title suggestion has been "Steel Rainbow." I'm still mulling it over.

But damn... it's too early to be plotting.

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